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Tired of using stock photography for your website?

Need specific photographs to showcase your membership base or product?

What is a PR Photography?

PR photography is when a business or association commissions the creation of images for their marketing or PR use. These images can then be used with press releases, magazines, social media and website.

How does this differ from Advertising?

Advertising photography requires an organization or individual to buy advertising space. PR photography relies on a story and photograph being interesting as news to be used. Both require different skills and tact, photographically and creatively.

A press release or your homepage is not an advertisement, but a way for you as a business to promote themselves to your target market, and as such needs to be approached very differently to advertising photography.

How does PR Photography help?

PR photography is customized. Whatever the story you are trying to convey, we will tell it through photography. You cannot get this from stock images that are not specific to your business and target market.

Let us set up a photoshoot to show your organization in the best light possible. Some images we just won’t find at your event and a photoshoot can be laser-focused to produce the results you need. Working closely with your marketing team we will produce images that will change the face of your marketing and speak directly to your audience.