How will you make your next company event market future ones?

Specializing in multi-day meetings and conferences, we also work dozens of seminars, VIP parties, galas and award shows every year. We realize that our event and marketing clients want their images to capture the spirit, engagement, enjoyment and success of their organization’s biggest events. This is what Corpora Photography does best. 

We’ve partnered with corporate, non-profit and trade organization clients like ExxonMobil, American College of Surgeons, Association of Government Accountants, Public Risk Management Association, The Ritz-Carlton,  and many others, delivering professional, high-quality photographs at their meetings and events across the United States.

Our clients use their professional-quality event photos in recruiting efforts, internal and external marketing, website updates and social media.

Corpora’s Event Photo Process

Our corporate event photo process is broken into three parts: pre-event, during event and post-event—and each step is critical to producing high-quality, professional photography.


We’ll set up a call or meet with your team to understand the scope, scale and important factors of your event to determine timelines, strategies and your must-have photos.

By understanding what’s important to you from the beginning, we know how to plan our shots at the event.

During Event

You’ll have enough to think about the day of your event, so let us handle the photography.

We know our clients sometimes like us to spark photo opportunities. Other times, our clients want us to be essentially invisible.

Either way, we’re prepared to photograph accordingly.

Throughout the event, our team will use creative methods and the information from our pre-event meeting to determine the photos we take.

Bonus: Delight your attendees with headshots taken on-site at your event. Learn more here!


We know you’ll be excited to check out the photos from an event you worked hard to produce, so we will retouch and edit your photos to make your event attendees look their very best.

We provide you with a password protected online gallery, rights to the images and quick turnaround.

After your event is over, we’d love to continue our working relationships and partner on future events. That way, when your next event is coming up, you already have a photographer partner you can count on.

Working with Corpora Photography

Choosing an event photographer can be challenging because portfolios can only tell you so much about their abilities and qualifications.

We’re proud to bring a level of creativity, consultation and flexibility that is uncommon in corporate event photography. Add in our understanding of the deadlines and pressure of events and our quick communication, and you’ll immediately see a difference.

Don’t take our word for it. Our clients can tell you more about their experiences while working with us.

Hiring a photographer for your next event is an important step in event planning and our eBook, 9 Things To Know Before Hiring a Photographer for Your Event, will help you understand every aspect of hiring the best photographer for your occasion.

If you’re ready to work with a team of photographers who can capture your organization’s events, get in touch with us now!

At Corporate Events, we capture high-res photos of:

Presenters in action

Employee collaboration and team building

Attendees meeting and mingling

Award recipients

Special guests and keynote speakers

Pre-event networking and groups

Event entertainment

Event facilities and decorations