Hi, we’re Corpora Photography.

We’re a group of photographers and visual marketers led by Jorge de Casanova. Our team captures images that immortalize events, build visual cohesion across brands and convey marketing messages.

Specializing in corporate event photography, corporate headshots and marketing/PR photography, our team of professional photographers comes on-site to your event or office, capturing photos of one person or one-hundred-thousand, in cities across the United States.

Who We Work With

Our business was created with marketing, meeting and event teams in mind because we know the unique challenges and opportunities that come along with photography and visual branding.

We help event and meeting teams capture the events when their teams come together so the event lives on long after the special occasion is over.

We work with event, marketing, HR and operations teams to deliver quality corporate headshots that show who your team truly is.

We partner with marketing and PR teams, taking photos that communicate their brand message, marketing strategy and prevent them from having to rely on stock photos ever again.

Our photos have been used for external and internal marketing, recruiting efforts, event promotion, social media and PR, always custom-tailored to the client’s brand and company culture.

Working with corporate, non-profit and trade organizations alike, we’ve worked beside teams from Forbes, The Ritz-Carlton, ExxonMobil, American College of Surgeons, Volunteers of America and many more during their most important events.

They’ve had some nice things to say about working with us.

Why Our Clients Choose Us

During hundreds of photo shoots, our clients have told us something about ourselves we hadn’t realized on our own: we do things differently than other photography teams.

Instead of showing up to merely snap photos, we get an in-depth understanding of our clients’ goals, brand, event and creative direction because that’s what turns good pictures into amazing photography that gets the results you want.

If you’re not quite sure what you’re trying to achieve, we’re happy to make professional suggestions based on our experience with similar clients, events and challenges.

Paired with an uncommon commitment to customer service and prompt communication, our clients have appreciated our understanding of their deadlines and how the event and marketing world operates.

Our clients notice that we care about their success and appreciate the gravity of their photography. First impressions matter and photos are often our first experience with a brand.

It’s our job to make the first impression of your company exactly what it needs to be and it’s why we continue to partner with our clients year after year on their events across the United States.

How Can You Work With Us?

We’re flattered you asked!

We’ve been described as professional, flexible, considerate, responsive and creative and we’d love to show you why our clients chose these words.

Get in touch with our team here. We’re excited to meet you!